Dress(ed) up in New York City

Last summer I spent some days in New York City after an amazing Roadtrip across the States with my friends. These two dresses I pretty much wore a lot during my trip but they especially fitted into the scene in NYC. The city literally is
my favorite one in the whole world (and I lived in Waikiki for 6 months :D). I just love the life in the city, central park and all the amazing buildings. You just instantly feel at home. Constantly you see so many inspiring people. Central Park is one the most relaxing parks I’ve been to and since I’m from a pretty small village and used to nature around me that means a lot 😀 The city is also a great place to experiment with new looks and be brave with your outfit because you could basically war anything and get away with it. So after me rambling about my love for the city this post is about two dresses I loved to wear when i was there. The DKNY one is just really classy and almost Audrey Hepburn like and I feel so chic and fancy wearing it though combined with sandals it’s an amazing everyday dress. With heels of course you could really dress it up 😉 Since I wouldn’t recommend heels in NYC if you’re a walker like I am I combined it with sandals from Macy’s. The second dress I bought at H&M and it’s a more summerish dress and lot more floating. My Tiffanys necklace looks really cute with it and I like to wear my black Tommy Hilfiger bag with it. 

The following are some pictures that were taken during my stay there, so enjoy and hopefully be inspired :o)

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Macy’s
Dress: DKNY
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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