Hawai’i Adventure Part One

For most of the people Hawai’i remains to be THE paradise to visit. And it is indeed like a dream to be there. We lived there for a whole semester to
study Communication and Social Sciences and to experience the Hawaiian Lifestyle. Watching TV shows before we actually went to Hawai’i the images always looked gorgeous and unreal. I was thinking that this must be photoshoped because it can’t be that beautiful 😉 but it is!

We lived in the heart of Waikiki, together with the thousands of tourists coming to Hawai’i every week. Waikiki Beach was still beautiful, we learned surfing there and it was only two blocks away from our apartment, but it was actually really crowded. So we started to go on roadtrips across the island to see if there are really beaches we always saw on TV. Although sometimes they were hidden, we found a few, which made us speechless. No, it was definitely not photoshoped, this is real! I couldn’t believe it. Lanikai Beach was only one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Our Roadtrip also lead us to the North Shore – my personal favorite part of the island! The waves were huge and you could watch the professional surfers doing incredible moves between the rocks in the ocean. On North Shore it is sometimes a little more windy than in Waikiki, that’s why there aren’tt as many tourists. If you are lucky you can see turtles at the Turtle Beach or go to Haleiwa and check out the surfer shops there and have great lunch.
There are just a few pictures to show you how Oa’hu looks like and what you can experience there. Since it is very warm in Hawai’i the whole year you can pack your summer outfits. Get your short pants and dresses out of your closet and get ready to explore the island. We are here also showing you some outfits we were wearing during our stay there.
For Hawai’i Adventure Part Two we want to show you the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands – Big Island with its volcano and the different nature there as well as some incredible outfits we were wearing on the other island, so stay tuned 🙂

Both necklaces FOREVER 21
White top from a surfer shop

Melly is exploring the island with a printed jumpsuit from a local surfer shop

Dress Melly: FOREVER 21
On our way to the Lanikai Pillboxes

Both dresses: FOREVER 21

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  1. Hey girls!
    Hawai'i really IS paradise and I love your pictures!
    I'd love to get out my hotpants and dresses, too, to wear them every day in that sunny place! But after a while I would miss my boots 😀
    I'm looking forward to see some pictures of the vulcano and the perfectly fitting clothings for this adventure!
    Lovings, Katha

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