Hawai’i Adventure Part Two – Big Island

Here comes our second post about our awesome time on the beautiful islands of Hawai’i. This time I would like to tell you a little about the time we spent in Big Island. Melly and I were at the same time in Big Island but we had
two different locations to stay at. But we both booked our apartments through Airbnb. There is always a chance to have bad luck with a location (I had this in Maui and will tell you more about it in the next Hawai’i Blog post ;-)) but these accommodations were just great. Everything was clean and looked nicely. For you, who don’t know what Airbnb is: people can offer them on this website if they have a free room or an apartment to give them to people, so it is actually kind of a private hotel. You just have to take care about your meals and that’s it! If you do enough research and read the recommendations it is very possible to get a nice, clean and good location to stay.

In Big Island the weather is also different from the other islands. So you should think about this fact before packing your suitcase. Although during the day it can be warm, it was very cloudy the days we we have been there and when it gets dark, it gets really cold. Also, Big Island has some of the wettest spots on earth – so a rain jacket could be very helpful πŸ˜‰ So next to your shorts, also bring some sweaters and long pants with you. We even saw snow on top of Mauna Kea which is one of the most awesome places on the island, you definitely should check it out because it’s one of the greatest places to see stars in the entire world. So as you can see warm clothes are also essential here. On this island, there is the Volcanoes National Park which is huge and you can actually spend a whole day there. It is great to see the volcano – the KΔ«lauea- but also go there when it is dark, then you can see the glow of it. If you are going to Big Island in January and February for example you have a chance to see the actual lava because the volcano is still very active. I’m really sad I couldn’t see that, we only went there in our Spring Break which was in end of March but I’ve heard it is supposed to be very impressive. So if you get the chance go there in the first months of the year πŸ™‚
Very close, there is also a black sand beach which you can se in one of the pictures. Big Island is, as its name says, the biggest of the Hawaiian islands and it takes a little longer to drive to places. But if you are willing to take a more adventurous ride, go to the Southern most point of America, the Ka Lae Point and watch a beautiful sunset there. The next land that comes after the Pacific Ocean you see will be Antarctica, can you imagine that?
It is definitely worth it! So now I talked enough and will show you some pictures about this awesome trip. The next Hawaii Adventure will be Maui and I can’t wait to tell you about this trip! So stay tuned πŸ™‚
And Melly will also post some pictures about her experience in Big Island soon! These are only my impressions and I hope you will enjoy them and I am very looking forward to your comments!


In the Background you can see the Crater of the Volcano as well as Smoke

Black Sand Beach

Southern most Point

Hiking in Big Island

H&M Top
Skirt with Stripes

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