Favorite Leather Leggings

I was wearing my favorite leggings today and had the desire to write a post to tell you about them. These are special leggings because they are leather with a brown army style pattern on it. I combine them very often with
camel or creme colored T-Shirts but also white ones, it depends on my mood.


The style shows the pants with a plain white T-Shirt. Since the T-Shirt is so plain I wanted to add something special, so I chose a flower hairband which gives the outfit a slightly Hippie look but I love it.

SHAKE Leather Leggins
SHAKE Creme Vest
For the second style I am showing you this cute creme colored T-Shirt with a big wink smiley on it and golden sandals with feathers – I have to admit that those are my favorite sandals because they have a small heel and I feel great and elegant in them. By choosing a purse I’m taking a color which is absolutely not in my clothes just to add a pop of colour. This is why I chose the velvet purse with stripes by Longchamp. Just take a purse for your outfit that is totally different from the colors you chose and you are ready to go outside.

SHAKE Smiley T-Shirt
SHAKE Leather Leggings with army pattern
LONGCHAMP Special Edition Modèle Déposé in Purple Velvet Stripe with Short Leather Handle


I also added some accessories since it still can get cold in the evening and when you go out for dinner and would like to sit outside. So I added some essentials to this outfit: My favorite leather jacket in brown, Burberry camel scarf with and a golden nail polish that fits to the golden sandals. In summer I actually prefer to use body mist than perfume because it always smells a lot fresher.

PLEASE Brown Leather Jacket
BODY SHOP Peach Body Mist
CHANEL Péridot Nail Polish

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