Hair Accessories: Flowers as Summer Essentials


First of all I wanted to thank you very much for your lovely comments on our last topic: The Leather Leggings. Since some of you really liked the hair accessory, I wanted to make a separate blog post about flower accessories. Those accessories are not only
representing the Hippie Style, they are just great to wear in summer. When I was wearing one of them to a class at university a couple weeks ago so many people came to me and said that this accessory really looked fantastic. Of course you don’t have to use a flower hairband, also other ones work very well and look beautiful. Thinking about the Coachella Festival that style would fit perfectly. And I have to admit I’ve always loved the Hippie Style! Even when I was a young girl I took a string or something similar and used it as a hair accessory (and who didn’t want to be Pocahontas at some point at that age? :D). So enjoy living your Hippie Style, you can combine to the flowers some denim shorts and a fringed top or shirt. Another option would be a wonderful maxi dress which looks awesome with your flower hair accessories. I am wearing a creme romantic short dress which fits nicely to the color of the flowers. To me this is a total summer essential, so have fun in picking the right one for you 🙂

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