The Perfect Party Dress for a New York City Night

This weekend I’m invited to a birthday party in a city which is to me the most exciting city in the world – Yes, I know the heading is already giving you the answer to this 😉 The city I’m talking about is New York! A city that never sleeps needs a special
dress for this occasion.
So girls, wear something you would normally never wear if you live in a smaller town like I do right now. Wear something which is catching everybody’s eye and taking their breath. There are no limits for your perfect party dress. I have to say, right now I really love wearing black and grey. To many people this could sound boring but you can wear black or grey to every occasion because it can always look elegant, sexy or casual. It depends on the shoes and accessories you are combining to your dress. This is why I decided for this tight glamorous sequin dress, I once found in a small town in Germany. I can’t wait to wear this tonight and since the weather is awesome, I decided to combine it instead of black tights and black Jimmy Choo High Heels only with some black Michael Kors wedges, which you can see on the second picture and colored nails.
So don’t forget, there are no limits, just wear something in what you feel sexy and feminine and have fun with your friends and this will become a great party night in the Big Apple!
TIFFANY Necklace
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Outfit: Snoopy Rocks!

The piece I want to introduce to you today was actually not love at first sight. When I saw it in the shop I pretty much picked it up randomly, but then I tried it on and I thought it was super cute. I’m talking about
a Snoopy T-Shirt! Yes, you heard right, a Snoopy T-Shirt. Maybe many people would think that this Shirt is only sporty, but I wanna show you that you can also change Snoopy into an elegant and everyday outfit. I wanna give you three suggestions to style your lovely Snoopy outfit, we all should have a Snoopy T-Shirt in our closet 🙂
I especially love to war it in spring and summer, but to summarize I simply love wearing this Shirt.

So here are the three different styling suggestions I wanna show you. We all know that the whole outfit counts and not just one piece 😉

1. The Cutie
If you want to dress cute, combine the T-Shirt to a sweet Mini-skirt, I got mine here from BURBERRY and some black tights. Now you can wear it with your favorite High Heels and voilà, you are all set!

TIFFANY Necklace
JIMMY CHOO High Heels (Open Toe)

2. The Business Look
You can wear Snoopy also for kind of a Business-Look and if it fits your mood. Just grab some black skinny jeans, a Blazer and some High Heels, Ankle Boots or Ballerinas for everyday and enjoy.

H&M Blazer
RAY-BAN Sunglasses
REIKO Black Jeans
SHISEIDO Red Lipstick

3. Ready for the Rock Concert
Make yourself ready for a Rock Concert and I would like to show you in our third option that it works with Snoopy as well. Just wear the shirt, some skinny leather pants, which will already turn it into a totally different outfit. Then you should choose between High Heels or Boots. I chose some black VIA ROMA ankle boots with a golden buckle, which I love very much. Accessory is also very important when you go to a concert, so I decided for my pirate ring by THOMAS SABO since it makes me feel more Rock n’ Roll 🙂 When you are already wearing leather pants, I wouldn’t recommend to wear a leather jacket, because it could be to much leather. But if you want to wear a black leather jacket, then just wear some black skinny jeans and you are also ready to go!

Rock concert style

OAKWOOD Leather Pants
TIFFANY Necklace
VIA ROMA Ankle Boots

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