Being on the Coast – First Days in California

Beautiful Overview of the Central California Coastline
Hey Loves,

Finally I get to write the first travel post about the initial days in California. I was so busy and so tired in the evening I couldn’t even open my laptop anymore, even if I could there was no wi-fi. But I really want to share with you all the cool things I experienced the last days, so you will also see some pictures from different places.

When we arrived we had a layover in Los Angeles where I tried the In-N-Out for the first time. It was a little adventure to get to this place since the taxis had a minimum charge of nineteen dollars. So we took a shuttle bus to a hotel and from there walked to a bus stop to jump on a city bus which took us to the In-N-Out. The bus only cost one dollar and it just took us 5 minutes to get there. If you like fast food and burgers this is the place to go since it only exists on the West Coast. So don’t be confused when somebody asks you if you want to have your fries animal style. The first time I heard this expression I was a little overwhelmed and looked at the person with this stupid “what the hell is animal style”-look. It means just that you get some melted cheese and a special sauce on your fries. Go there and check it out, it is delicious and better than McDonald’s 🙂

On the day after we went to the beach in Cayoucos which is a small town on the coast. Most of the time it is windy there, but we had luck and had a wonderful sunny day which became cloudy in the afternoon. In this little town you can also find the Brown Butter Cookie Company who make delicious cookies, just a little tip from me 😉 Since it can be very windy day, I would recommend a light jacket or blouse to wear on top of a dress. There is also an outfit post coming about this day on the coast, just to let you know.
The Pacific Ocean air makes it colder, especially when the clouds came, I was very happy to wear some shorts underneath my dress. When you are getting exhausted from a fun day on the beach, some fish can be delicious. We had awesome Fish & Chips at a restaurant called “Dockside”, but they also have swordfish and many other fish you don’t like fried fish. I hadn’t eaten fish & chips for a long time – I think the last time was in England about 10 years ago – and was totally stoked right away again. I just forgot how fresh it can taste when you eat at a fish restaurant on the coast.

An outfit post of this trip is also coming soon for you, so stay tuned!


Classic California Transportation 

Beneath the Cayoucos Pier
View of Morro Rock from the Dockside Restaurant

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Morro Bay Harbour

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