Road Trip Series #1

Like I already mentioned, we went to the Coast in Central California and to me it was a beautiful opportunity to take some pictures for you guys. When I woke up I totally wanted to wear this dress until I was told that it is supposed to be windy and colder on the coast. So I tried to find
a solution to still wear this dress, because normally you just wear a bikini underneath. So I decided to grab my white shorts (you can’t see them on the pictures, but I will make a post about them soon) and a white top. When we arrived at the coast it was warmer than we thought and I at least could take off the shorts. I would recommend to wear a colorful bikini underneath the dress, that makes it very interesting.

The outfit consists of the Ralph Lauren dress, H&M Top and a Victoria’s Secret Bikini for underneath. It is not much but I love this outfit, because it is so easy, casual and also perfect for the beach.

Top H&M
Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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