Outfit: Bangkok Series #2 – The Jumpsuit

Sooo after I stayed on an island with basically no usable Internet connection (can be a relief – can be the most annoying thing ever :D) I’m finally able to upload my second summer outfit I wore a lot since I’m in Bali and got to live when I was in Bangkok. If you’ve never been to Bangkok in
June you can’t imagine
how hot it can get there. The temperature during the day was around 40° Celsius with no wind to cool you down a bit so sweating was basically unavoidable. Compared to that the climate in Bali is just amazing 🙂 But since it was really hot you want to wear something that’s a bit airy and so I was happy that I packed my blue H&M  jumpsuit. At the first moment it appears to be a dress and that’s another thing I like about it. Though it’s more of a basic piece and not high fashion (if you know what I mean ;)) it’s still something fashionable for those hot days 😉

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer 🙂

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