Road Trip Series #2 – Grand Canyon

On our way to Dallas, where we only had a layover since there was a tropical storm going on, we stopped at the Grand Canyon. I can tell you guys that this Canyon could take your breath for a couple of minutes so try to get enough oxygen beforehand 😉

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time because the drive to Denver took about 16 hours in total. We didn’t take any hiking trails but if you have the time to go there and are in the mood for a little bit of hiking, there are definitely enough trails. I knew I wouldn’t hike the canyon, this is why I was wearing  my Tommy Hilfiger sandals although my feet still got a little dirty by climbing a few rocks. It is not as warm as you expect it to be but the sun is very strong so I am recommending a hat to protect your skin. I’ve had the skirt with flowers by Vero Moda for a long time but I love wearing it since it is so airy and not too short for a little climbing through the canyon. Since the hat has already lived a long life, I got you here a straw alternative by H&M which you could possibly like. In addition I chose a plain white Ralph Lauren T-Shirt, which I bought at an outlet in California.
Although it doesn’t fit right now, I have to tell you about this outlet very quickly. A few miles after Bakersfield on the way to Las Vegas I saw an outlet called “Tejon Outlets” which offered Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, J.Crew and many other shops. If you ever have the chance to go there, bring some time with you which I unfortunately didn’t have. Also if you have a valid university ID from the States, you can ask for an additional discount in some shops.
Though it was a short visit, seeing the Grand Canyon was an incredible experience and maybe a bit surreal. The first time I looked at the pictures we took I thought the Canyon is photoshopped. But no, it is all real and totally worth seeing it.
Our journey hasn’t finished yet, and there will be a couple more posts coming. I will show you other locations with different outfits and also some really good tips for the cities New Orleans and Chicago.

See you then loves!

Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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