Colorful New Orleans

Hey loves,

this will be my second last post about the road trip I had, but I was really looking forward to this post. I was totally excited to see New Orleans and I have to say it didn’t disappoint me at all.

Although I want to show you my breezy New Orleans outfit, I also wanna share with you some tips where to go in case you will visit this awesome city in the future. So I will tell you in this blog post about the locations to stay and where to go; Restaurants, Bars, my outfit and expose the mysterious voodoo of this city.

                                                          Where to stay and where to go

My tips for you is that you should definitely stay in the French Quarter. This is where the party is going on all day and night, and where you can find some of the best restaurants, bars and so much more. We stayed at the Hotel Monteleone which was just a two minute walk away from the packed Bourbon Street. It is totally worth it to take a good hotel for one or two nights. If you are lucky you can find a good offer online for a higher priced hotel. Hotel Monteleone is nestled in the center of the New Orleans party scene and offers a beautiful and historical view of this city’s aesthetics.
Beautiful Hotel Monteleone where we stayed at

Jazz Band playing


 Restaurants and Bars

As I found out, New Orleans is known for its good food, especially Cajun spices and fresh oysters. That means you can find an oyster bar at every corner. We went to the Royal House which is also an oyster bar and ordered some grilled crustaceans as an appetizer. I had eaten oysters a couple of times before but I have never tasted a magnitude of savory shellfish as this place has to offer. Especially when you have never tasted oysters it is nice to start with grilled oysters since they taste a little different and much better. It was such a cute place, that I convinced everyone to go there for lunch again the next morning. 🙂
The typical New Orleans cocktail is a Hurricane (the best I have ever had also at the Royal House, so guys it is totally worth it) so if you are there, definitely try one when you like cocktails just as I do.
After you are full from dinner you can head to Bourbon Street because at about 10 p.m. the streets get really packed even on a Wednesday night. To get an overview we just walked up and down Bourbon Street because it there was so much to enjoy on this little strip. All the bars had to offer good live music (most of it was Jazz of course) and you can also take your drinks outside and walk along the street, just ask for a plastic cup ;). There will be definitely a fun party night ahead of you.
I also want to give you another tip concerning food. On the edge of the French Quarter and close to the water there is Café du Monde. They sell sweet pieces of dough called Beignets that are fried and covered with powder sugar. I know, it is sweet and had probably a whole laaahhht of calories but they tasted just delicious and they are perfect for a little dessert.

Delicious grilled Oysters at the Royal House 
Café du Monde is famous for its Beignets


Yes, I’m not kidding I really wrote Voodoo. As you may know New Orleans is known for its Voodoo places as well as fortune tellers who are telling you the future(or at least trying). To me this is one of the reasons why it makes the city so interesting. It definitely has a mysterious flair which is really cool to experience.

Voodoo shops



Finally I’m talking about the outfit I was wearing in New Orleans. You can’t imagine how humid it was. In the beginning this humidity was like a slap in your face especially when you are not used to it. In the evening and during the night it stays very warm but it is so much more comfortable. So you need something which is breezy and has a fortunate fabric in case you sweat (which wouldn’t be a surprise in New Orleans). I decided to wear my white dress by Zara and Tommy Hilfiger Sandals. This dress has a great fabric so you really don’t see if you are a little sweaty and it is breezy and feeling flirtatious. I just loved wearing it in New Orleans!

I hope my tips could help you a little bit and I can’t wait to tell you about Chicago on the next post.
Take care :-*

Dress ZARA
Purse H&M
Sunglasses RAY-BAN
Necklace TIFFANY & CO.

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