The Ultimate Dress for Hot Days

Hey loves,

I hope you are all handling the summer temperatures well and have not melted yet 🙂 Today it is all about finding the perfect dress for hot days when even shorts feel like too much fabric on your skin.

To me the hotter it gets outside the more difficult it is to decide the right clothes. This dress by Second Female Copenhagen, which I got from a really small store in my hometown in Germany, is my most favorite dress for those days. I like to wear it to the beach or park with flip flops or sandals but you can also combine it with ballerinas or wedges and have a casual outfit for a shopping trip or some lunch with the girls. The fabric of my clothes has always been very important to me, and on especially sweltering days it makes the material of your clothes more essential. Maybe you know this feeling to be afraid of sweating so that everybody can see it. Yes, this happens in my worst nightmares, too. But with a dress like this you are totally safe 🙂

Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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