[#5] Things ….

…we would love to have for fall

1) Mohair Knit Tunic Dress by Alexander Wang found on www.shopbop.com
2) Plaid scarf found on www.shopstyle.com
3) Leather jacket by Belstaff found on www.farfetch.com
4) Michael Kors Watch Women’s Slim Runway found on www.macys.com
5) Kate Spade Cobble Hill Charley Backpack found on www.lyst.com
6) Acne Studios Jensen Ankle Boots found on www.pinterest.com

Hi Loves, 
first of all we wanted to say sorry that we weren’t able to upload another post this week besides our Things… series. Juli is really busy studying and preparing for her Master thesis and I am currently writing this post on my way to another destination. So we will definitely make it up to you next week. At least we will give our bet to try! 🙂
This week’s “Things…” post contains a cozy fall outfit that Juli put together for you guys. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because you get your sweaters and boots back into your daily outfits. It’s definitely the best season to combine layer pieces and look fashionable. It is a time you don’t really need a coat, but still can upgrade your style with a great light jacket. 
I especially love the coziness of this outfit. It makes it perfect for those chilly autumn days at school or university. The huge sweater is perfectly suitable for a day full of lectures and seminars. 
My favorite piece is probably the backpack. It’s a great contrast to the dark boots and leather jacket and is great for carrying the stuff you need for school or university. The scarf reminds me of one I got last year at Zara and I love how soft it is. Overall this outfit will definitely keep you warm during fall time while still looking classy and fashionable. 
What are your favorite pieces for fall? Tell us about it in our comment section or on Instagram, we would be happy to find out your favorite pieces. 
Juli & Melly

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[#4] Beauty Things … Skin Care Routine for Normal Skin

Hi loves,

today it is all about skin care in our “Things…” series and we would like to show you what kind of products we are using to keep our skin fresh and young.

So first of all I have a Pore Refining Mask from Clinique, which I absolutely love. I use this mask about once a week and leave it on my face for 10 – 15 minutes. Afterwards my skin feels wonderfully fresh and like new. The mask is minimizing the pores and creating a smoother, firmer complexion.

My second recommendation is a mask from TruSelf Organics. But this one is very special since it is a detoxifying mask. This mask is handmade and totally natural. In the beginning – so that your skin can get used to the detoxifying effect – just leave it on your skin for 10 – 15 minutes. After I have used it a few times and my skin already “knew” the mask, I left it for about 25 minutes on my face. I, personally love this mask very much and also use it next to the Clinique one.

The third product I would like to show you today is the Origins Zero Oil. This belongs to one of my favorites because I can use it especially in summer and before I go out. Do you know this feeling when you are going out with your girls and partying at a club but it is so hot in there that you think your face is melting away? Always when I get this feeling I am fleeing into the bathroom to check if my skin looks shiny and sweaty. This zero oil product prevents your skin from becoming shiny and although you are a little sweaty, your face still looks matte.

And at last I want to introduce to you the “Buff and Wash” Facial gel from Sisley. There are small little grains included which give your skin a soft massage. Although this product is the most expensive one, it is my absolute favorite. It just makes my skin super smooth and relaxed.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the skin care products we love to use and maybe this post could give you some helpful tips and recommendations.


Clinique Pore Refining Mask

TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask

Origins Zero Oil
Sisley Facial Gel

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10 Things To Do in Bangkok

This summer I was fortunate enough to travel around South East Asia and the first city we visited was Bangkok. As you might have seen in the blog I already did a Outfit Series in Bangkok. In this post I wanted to share some of the greatest things you can do in Bangkok. Of course Bangkok is a huge city with lots of things to do but I summarized the things I would do again and liked the most.

First of all I have to say that Bangkok really surprised me. I totally fell in love with the streets, the markets and the malls there 😉 It’s a great city and I think a lot of tourists never get to see it’s beauty because the only see the airport and then go directly to the beaches. If you do so you’ll for sure have a great vacation but I’ve always been more interested in the way people are living in different countries so me and my friend decided to stay a week in Bangkok and we never regretted it.

1. Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is a Shopping Mall with different areas from all over the world. The Mall is huge and you can easily spend the whole day there. They also have a huge food court where you can have all different kinds of food. They have a huge variety and it’s very cheap as well. Btw – Shrimp Pad Thai tastes amazing 😉

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market 

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the World’s largest markets and cover 27 acres in the northern part of Bangkok. You can easily get lost in there and spend the whole there getting lost in the small alleys. Try the fresh juices or have some coconut ice cream – you wont’t regret it 😉 Also, if you wanna bring home some souvenirs buy them here since they are a lot cheaper than on Khao San or other touristy places. Also they have a lot more variety and sizes. 

3. Bargain

When in Asia one thing you have to be prepared for is – bargaining. No matter if you wanna go in taxi or buy a Shirt on Chatuchak you always have to remember to bargain and don’t be afraid of it. If you don’t bargain it means that you are bad at doing business and that’s never a good thing 😉 In the beginning it’s quite awkward but you’ll get used to it. 

4. Visit Wat Pho at sunset

Ok I have to admit this is a very touristy thing to do but it’s totally worth it! Especially if you go around sunset. The atmosphere is just breathtaking and since most of the tourists already left you will have the magical place almost to yourself and have time to chat with the monks there. You would be surprised how much they know about different countries and how much they want to learn about your country. 

5. Have a Pad Thai & Sticky Rice with Mango

Ok, let’s talk food 😀 Asian food is one my favorites and I couldn’t try enough of all the different dishes and flavors while we where in Bangkok. But what everyone has to try while being there is Pad Thai and Sticky Rice with Mango. It’s absolutely delicious! 

6. Cooking School

If you like Pad Thai and Sticky Rice with Mango as much as I do you should definitely go to a cooking class while you’re in Bangkok. We went to the Silom cooking school and it was a great experience. We had a class with people from Vietnam, Singapur, Malaysia and the United States. It’s a great intercultural experience and you get to know people from all over the world, let alone the food. You start the class by going to a local food market where you’ll get explained all the different vegetables and herbes they use. During classes you learn how to make an awesome Pad Thai at home and also some Dim Yong Kum and other tasty dishes. The cooking class was definitely one of my favorite things to do in Bangkok. 

7. Klong Tour

If you a looking for a unique experience to explore parts of the city that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise I would very much recommend a Klong Tour. As always you have to bargain to get a good price. The tours are offered in various routes and if you can make the time I would recommend to take one of the longer ones, it’s definitely worth it if you want to explore some of the parts that are hidden to the usual tourist. Our tour also ended around sunset and we got to 

8. China Town

When we were planning to go to China Town our taxi driver asked us: ‘Do you really wanna go there? Why?’ 😀 It doesn’t seem that it’s something special to the local people but I still would got there, especially during the night. The main street is filled up with various food stands and people are sitting on the street and have a late night dinner. The different smells and kinds of foods can be quite overwhelming, but in a good way. 

9. Khao San Road

At least after Hangover 2 everyone and their mother knows about Khao San Road and if you wann ago out at night this is a great place to go. In the evenings the bars fill up, the street lights up in amazing colors and you’ll meet Backpackers from all around the world. During the day you can go to one of the amazing cafes. 

10. Go to a Supermarket and try all the different Foods

One of the most fun parts if you’re European or American is to go to a supermarket and try the different foods and drinks. We found a lot of sweets and fresh food. I always like to go to supermarkets in foreign countries, there is always so much to see and be astonished about 😉

Hope you liked this travel post <3



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[#3] Things…

… in copper we’re totally obsessed with 

1) Hay triangle candle holder, found on Amazon – order here
2) Bloomingville candle holder, found on Amazon – order here
3) cushion, found on H&M Home – order here
4) Bodum coffe maker, found on Amazon – order here
5) House Doctor lamp, found on Amazon – order here
Currently there is one obsession that is totally taking over and as you might guessed it’s … copper. So I recently spend my evenings on my couch, having some tea, watching TV and have my iPad on my lap screening Pinterest for even more coppery things I could put into my room. Pinterest really is a great source of inspiration for interior design and decoration. There is just so much amazing stuff on there 😉

So while screening Pinterest I looked around my room and came up with the idea to simply repaint some of my already existing decoration since I still like it, only the color must be changed. So I ordered some spray paint right away on Amazon which luckily arrived today. I started with a candle holder and a weird hand that holds my rings. Repainting with spray paint is really easy just remember to cover the surface you’re spraying your stuff on and make sure that everything is really clean. Then it’s just shake shake shake it ooooff (:D) and spray. 
I also found this copper print online and fell in love. On the picture it actually looks more golden, but in real live it’s more of a coppery shade. It reminds me of my study abroad semester I spent in Hawai’i. I placed it on my dresser on the other side of my bed so every day when I wake up it makes me happy 🙂
pineapple print on my dresser

another success 😉

finished candle holder
old wooden frame in black

the frame in my office

Hope you liked this little interior inspirational DIY things 😀
Juli & Melly

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[#2] Things…

…we bought on vacation

Hi loves,

normally we bring our new “Things…” series on a Wednesday but with all the school I didn’t get the chance to upload our newest post yesterday. I am very sorry but just one day later, here it is: Our second “Things…” post.

In June and July I uploaded some posts of my road trip throughout the Southern States and now our new post section gives me the chance to show you some really cool things I got during my trip.

As I already said, I will show you some really nice things I bought in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Nashville and Chicago. I think every one of you knows the famous Hard Rock Café T-Shirts and I am a big fan of them. I actually got them in every city I visited. I would like to show you my two favorites: the one from Chicago and from Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Shirt is colorful and crazy (in a good way) the same as the city, while the Chicago is very classic.

This mask from New Orleans is actually my total favorite. I hope you also like it because I am so in love with it. Whenever you are in New Orleans and you walk around in the evening in the French Quarter, there are many little souvenir shops that offer masks and other mystical stuff. I knew I wanted to have a mask when we got to New Orleans but I also imagined a certain look. The masks in the souvenir shops looked great and only cost about 15 Dollars but I was looking for something special. The next day I was strolling through the French Quarter and wandered into shops in the side streets. And then I found this amazing mask in a mask shop called Maskarade! Okay I have to admit the mask was a little more expensive there but totally worth it.

Mask from the mask store – Maskarade in New Orleans 

Last but not least we have the Cowboys and you can guess now where I got these from 😉 Of course they are from Nashville – the music city. When I was in Nashville I was really surprised because next to the music almost every girl and woman is walking around there with cowboy boots. And I have to confess I LOVE Cowboy boots. There are so many shops that sell boots, but since they are made of real leather they are also very expensive. At that time some shops had some incredible special offers. The shop where I bought my boots said “buy one, get two for free”. Yes, you read it, you got two for free (of course the cheaper ones) and just had to pay for one pair. For myself I bought some in a brighter brown tone (you can see them in the first picture) which had some really cool patterns on it. The second ones are in a darker brown and look a little more vintage. The moment you try them on, you just feel they are real cowboy boots and are definitely one of the most amazing souvenirs I have ever found.

Amazing leather Cowboy boots

I hope you also enjoyed this weeks “Things…” blog post and as we said the last time, we are open for any ideas you have for us. Just comment on our blog, instagram or send us an email.

Melly and Juli

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