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…we bought on vacation

Hi loves,

normally we bring our new “Things…” series on a Wednesday but with all the school I didn’t get the chance to upload our newest post yesterday. I am very sorry but just one day later, here it is: Our second “Things…” post.

In June and July I uploaded some posts of my road trip throughout the Southern States and now our new post section gives me the chance to show you some really cool things I got during my trip.

As I already said, I will show you some really nice things I bought in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Nashville and Chicago. I think every one of you knows the famous Hard Rock Café T-Shirts and I am a big fan of them. I actually got them in every city I visited. I would like to show you my two favorites: the one from Chicago and from Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Shirt is colorful and crazy (in a good way) the same as the city, while the Chicago is very classic.

This mask from New Orleans is actually my total favorite. I hope you also like it because I am so in love with it. Whenever you are in New Orleans and you walk around in the evening in the French Quarter, there are many little souvenir shops that offer masks and other mystical stuff. I knew I wanted to have a mask when we got to New Orleans but I also imagined a certain look. The masks in the souvenir shops looked great and only cost about 15 Dollars but I was looking for something special. The next day I was strolling through the French Quarter and wandered into shops in the side streets. And then I found this amazing mask in a mask shop called Maskarade! Okay I have to admit the mask was a little more expensive there but totally worth it.

Mask from the mask store – Maskarade in New Orleans 

Last but not least we have the Cowboys and you can guess now where I got these from 😉 Of course they are from Nashville – the music city. When I was in Nashville I was really surprised because next to the music almost every girl and woman is walking around there with cowboy boots. And I have to confess I LOVE Cowboy boots. There are so many shops that sell boots, but since they are made of real leather they are also very expensive. At that time some shops had some incredible special offers. The shop where I bought my boots said “buy one, get two for free”. Yes, you read it, you got two for free (of course the cheaper ones) and just had to pay for one pair. For myself I bought some in a brighter brown tone (you can see them in the first picture) which had some really cool patterns on it. The second ones are in a darker brown and look a little more vintage. The moment you try them on, you just feel they are real cowboy boots and are definitely one of the most amazing souvenirs I have ever found.

Amazing leather Cowboy boots

I hope you also enjoyed this weeks “Things…” blog post and as we said the last time, we are open for any ideas you have for us. Just comment on our blog, instagram or send us an email.

Melly and Juli

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