[#3] Things…

… in copper we’re totally obsessed with 

1) Hay triangle candle holder, found on Amazon – order here
2) Bloomingville candle holder, found on Amazon – order here
3) cushion, found on H&M Home – order here
4) Bodum coffe maker, found on Amazon – order here
5) House Doctor lamp, found on Amazon – order here
Currently there is one obsession that is totally taking over and as you might guessed it’s … copper. So I recently spend my evenings on my couch, having some tea, watching TV and have my iPad on my lap screening Pinterest for even more coppery things I could put into my room. Pinterest really is a great source of inspiration for interior design and decoration. There is just so much amazing stuff on there 😉

So while screening Pinterest I looked around my room and came up with the idea to simply repaint some of my already existing decoration since I still like it, only the color must be changed. So I ordered some spray paint right away on Amazon which luckily arrived today. I started with a candle holder and a weird hand that holds my rings. Repainting with spray paint is really easy just remember to cover the surface you’re spraying your stuff on and make sure that everything is really clean. Then it’s just shake shake shake it ooooff (:D) and spray. 
I also found this copper print online and fell in love. On the picture it actually looks more golden, but in real live it’s more of a coppery shade. It reminds me of my study abroad semester I spent in Hawai’i. I placed it on my dresser on the other side of my bed so every day when I wake up it makes me happy 🙂
pineapple print on my dresser

another success 😉

finished candle holder
old wooden frame in black

the frame in my office

Hope you liked this little interior inspirational DIY things 😀
Juli & Melly

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