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Hi loves,

I am sorry this outfit post took me so long but since classes at the university started I am covered in books again. Although it is really hard to get into studying after the long summer break, I trying my best to keep up.

I know everybody is saying that in the beginning and then I look at my syllabus in two weeks and am close to a heart attack because I see that in two days there are three papers due. Do you know this feeling? Okay I have to admit, I am an adrenaline junkie and love the pressure, so the heart attack won’t last long 😉
Anyways, I actually wanted to tell you something about one of my favorite styles for fall. Yesterday I got this feeling while looking into my closet that I don’t have any clothes anymore (I have clothes over clothes but I hope you know what I mean) and wanted to try something new. So I took a white/blue checkered shirt from my boyfriend and decided to combine it with my beautiful Valentino ‘Rockstud’ pumps in this amazing yellow tone. I thought the black ripped pants by Abercrombie & Fitch would fit perfectly as well as the Ecote Scout Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters. I also give you the link for the hat here in case you like it. But my big pride is the small ‘Ashby’ Burberry bag in fringed suede and canvas check. I totally fell in love with this bag the first time I saw it. The interesting thing about the bag is that it actually doesn’t look like a typical Burberry purse since its style is more hippie. But this fact makes is more interesting in my eye. This bag is definitely an eye-catcher.
So I hope you like the pictures and I looking forward to your comments about this outfit =)


Necklace TIFFANY & CO.

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[#1] Things …

… we love to use everyday 


We want to introduce our new ‘Things…’- series to you which will now be up on our blog every Wednesday. This series will include general favorites, beauty products and must-haves from different categories and much more. To find out
what it is about go check out our blog every Wednesday 🙂
Today it is about some lifestyle items we love to use everyday. Since we are both studying, Juli in Connecticut and Melly in Germany, we need some goooood refreshments to get us through the day. During such a long day at university the glass bottle is perfect to keep your drinks cold and you refill it at any time you want. I like to make it more tasty by putting some fruits and herbs into my water (e.g. ginger, cucumber and mint or strawberries). My favorite flavor at the moment is to add some elderflower drink concentrate and mint. Actually I got the one on the picture from Ikea and I really love it. Also I prefer the glass bottle to a plastic one because the water doesn’t get the plasticy taste and stays fresh longer. This bottle also has gray protection around it which is very good if you carry it around a lot – plus it looks very good.

Another favorite that I use every day is my iPad. I recently upgraded to the iPad Air 2 which you can see in the picture above. Before I had the iPad mini and loved it to death. I use it to study, watch videos, check my social media and write articles for the blog. Because it’s really handy it fits in almost every handbag and I take it with me whenever i got traveling to read or watch movies on it.

glass bottle  – order here
I wanted to have the Celine trio bag for ages now but since the semester started again and  my bank account can’t afford big amounts right now I was searching for a cheaper version of it. When I was browsing the Mango Online Store I was stumbling over this bag for only 20 Euros. 

Mango black bag with 2 pockets – you can order it here

You can never leave an online store with only buying one thing, can you? 😉 At least I can’t so I ended up ordering a bunch of sunglasses as well and kept the one shown in the picture below. I love the classy style of it and the gold details on the sides. Plus I get a lot of use out of them during breaks from studying and they got with basically everything.

sunglasses from Mango – sold out but similar here

For all of you who don’t know what the thing on the picture below is – it’s the most amazing hair tie ever 😉 In case our hair gets in our way while studying or doing sports for instance this tie is perfect for it since you can remove it afterwards and don’t have any annoying creases in your hair. So we’re good to go for a drink afterwards with our girls.

invisibobble hair ties – order here

If you have any recommendations for next weeks ‘Things…’-post we would love if wrote us an e-mail or leave a comment below.

Hope you have nice week and these tips will help you get through your day 🙂


Juli & Melly

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