[#7] Cape it up

High End Options:
1) ALICE + OLIVER – 475€ 2) Michael Kors Collection – 3.475€ 3) Burberry London – 695€ 4) Chloe – 2.790€ 5) Bottega Veneta –  3.500€

Hi Loves,

this weeks Things…-Post is all about a staple piece for this years fall season – the cape. I think it’s one of those trend you’re really excited about because it essentially means that you can wear a blanket like thing outside in public – and it’s considered elegant. Isn’t that amazing?

To fully embrace this trend I’ve collected some of my favorite pieces from this season. In the picture below I’ve collected some budget options everyone can get their hands on. In the picture above I’m showing you my favorite high end ones. My favorite is definitely the grey number 3 from Burberry. Which one’s your favorite?


Budget Options:

1) Belmondo – 99,95€ 2) H&M – 29,95€ 3) Fraas – 49,95€ 4) Anna Field – 29,95€ 5) H&M – 69,99€ 6) H&M – 99€

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Golden Fall – 5 Autumn Essentials

Hi loves,

today it is all about my most favorite season – the beautiful, golden fall. Although it was pretty windy when we took the pictures I still enjoyed all the colors around me.

Before I tell you about the new outfit I would like to apologize for the delayed post. Melly and I have so much to do with school that we don’t know where our head is right now. We are both doing our Master’s and I took more classes so I can graduate next spring. So, we are really sorry for the irregular posts and we hope you guys understand 🙂
But now back to the fall outfit. I will show you here 5 autumn essentials you definitely need for the fall season.

1. Cozy Coat

I gave you two coat options which show the contrast between casual and more elegant. The Goa Coat is warm and cozy and is great for sunny fall days when you go shopping in town or have a school day ahead of you. In case you have something planned in the evening which requires a more elegant look, the Zara checkered coat looks amazing and makes you the highlight of the evening.

2. Camel Boots

The camel boots from GANT with the red stripes on the side give the outfit (especially when you are wearing an all black or all brown outfit) the necessary “Pop” 🙂 . Choosing these kind of boots have two big advantages: they look very cool and are comfortable as well.

3. Fringe

The fringe top is an awesome eye-catcher for every party and it has the same tone as the Goa coat. I just love combining these colors because I think that beige and camel are perfect for fall and look awesome with some red accents.

4. Colorful Purse

The purse in a mustard yellow tone looks great to the other colors but make sure you choose the right ones to a colored purse. For instance, I love this Tory Burch purse because I can also wear it cross shoulder, can take it with me for a party but still fit my iPhone, wallet, lipstick, and a small hair brush in there. I love how the bag just fits to all the fall colors amazingly.

5. Colored Pants

These red-brown pants from Reiko look a little like leather pants and probably this is one of the reasons why I like them so much. The pants also look great with a black outfit but trust in yourself and take a risk to combine them with some other colors. Red looks good to this tone as well as a mustard yellow.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit and the colors the same as I do every time I look at the wonderful red, yellow and green nuances of the leaves in the background.
Have a great weekend!

Beige Coat GOA
Checkered Coat ZARA
Shoes GANT
Nail Polish CHANEL

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[#6] Beauty Things … Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

Hi Loves, 
this weeks things…-post contains my daily skin care routine for oily skin. I’m dealing with oily skin for years now and I know that it can be awfully annoying especially when you’re wearing makeup for the whole day and can feel

how your skin gets more and more greasy. So here I’m gonna share with you the products that I’ve been using that are helping me to deal with it. I’m also using a night cream, but since that’s changing and I’m still trying to fin out whats working best for me.

I’m a big fan of the La Roche-Posay products especially the Effaclar series. The series is also good if you’re dealing with breakouts. My favorite product from the range is definitely the foaming gel cleanser. It’s great to remove makeup and any oil from your skin and you’re left with a clean feeling skin. The moisturizer I use during the day and also as a makeup-base. Since it has more of a gel consistency it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

The Clinique clarifying lotion I’ve been using over the last year. It’s great to use before applying makeup if you have the feeling that you’re skin is too oily.
An excellent alternative for the Clinique clarifying lotion ist this Lierac Prescription Paris soothing and balancing micellare solution. It has a similar effect but also can be used to remove makeup.
This sunscreen came much to my liking this summer while traveling through Asia. It’s not heavy on the skin and feels very light. If you have oily skin you tend to not use sunscreen because it’s very heavy and you’re face gets greasy pretty quickly. Most sun protectors you could use that aren’t feeling to heavy are very expensive. An awesome alternative are Asian skin care brands like this one called Missha. 
Our absolute favorite product that both, Juli and I, love is the Origins Zero Oil. It’s especially great if you’re going on a night out and don’t want to worry about looking shiny on all the pictures you’re going to take. You can also reapply it during the night or day and it will instantly soak away all the oil, for that’s especially on the forehead.

If you have some tips for oily skin please share them with us 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

Lots of love,

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Office Outfit for Fall

shoes – Gianvito Rossi; blouse – H&M; skirt – H&M Premium; bag – Valentino; coat – Mango

Hi Loves,

this week I’ve been attending a business event that lasted two days. The event was a mixture between an outdoor event and meetings and lectures the next day. During the event I got
inspired to create an Office outfit inspiration for you.

Since it’s fall in Germany right now the colors of the nature are influenced by it but also brings a little bit of bright colors to those often rainy days. If it’s raining though I would recommend you to wear different shoes to work and change them in the office since these Gianvito Rossi ones are leather. The key piece to this outfit is the red suede skirt by H&M. Since I wanted to brighten up the outfit I think its color is a perfect match with the light grey color of the bag and the shoes as well as with the blouse and the coat. 

shoes – Gianvito Rossi – 550€
blouse – H&M – 69,99€
skirt – H&M Premium – 99€
bag – Valentino – My Rockstud – 1.750€
coat – Mango – 89,99€

What would you like to wear to the Office?
Juli & Melly

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Copenhagen – Autumn Outfit Inspiration

Hi Loves,

last week was one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time. First I traveled to Cologne to see two of my best friends and we had a lovely evening. But the next day it got even better when we took a plane to – Copenhagen 🙂 We spend some amazing days there which became even better when

we met up with two mutual friends from Hawaii. The weekend we spent together was just so awesome and it was great to see them again. While I’m typing this blog post I already miss them so much and hope to see them soon again.

The outfit I wore most during our stay was very comfy and perfect for all the sightseeing we did. Since I got blisters on my feet after the first day –  I was stuck and had to wear my nike sneakers for the rest of our trip. My favorite part of the outfit is the huge cardigan I got last year from Promod which was very well suited for the windy weather. Zara scarfs are my favorite for the fall/winter time because they are just the softest thing 🙂 The bag, which is also from Zara, is additionally great for school or university since it has a padded compartment for an iPad or Laptop.

Hope you like this outfit, what is your favorite autumn outfit?
Cardigan – promod
Scarf – Zara
Bag – Zara
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Nike
Shirt – Vintage

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