Let the Christmas Shopping Madness begin

Hi Loves, 
today it’s the first sunday in advent and Black Friday has passed so I guess it’s official – the christmas shopping madness begins. It means you basically can’t go into town on weekends because it’s just packed with people. It means you will probably spend a fortune – not only for gifts for others but also for yourself because once you’re in the shop – and when you get something for your loved ones you might as well get the lipstick for yourself since you know – you’re already there. It means getting stressed easily and being annoyed by others more quickly. 
But it also means hanging out with your friends for those shopping trips and of course it also means – Starbucks Christmas Cups. My personal favorite is the gringerbread latte. So yummy! And so it also means that the christmas baking can begin which i look so much forward to! 
The other day I went on a little shopping trip with a good friend of mine and it was absolutely lovely. We decided to avoid the main streets and focus more on the little streets around town center which was a great idea because when got onto the main street to got to a store there we regret it within minutes. And of course we spend a little money on ourselves – you’re kinda there anyways, right? 😉
Hope you’re having a great first of advent!
blouse – H&M
jeggings – Zara
Shoes – Deichmann
fluffy jacket – promod
bag – Tommy Hilfiger 
watch – Daniel Wellington

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Fifty Shades of Knitted Grey

Hello loves,
the days are getting colder and I always need a coat now if I don’t want to turn into an ice cube outside. Is it also so cold where you guys are? I am super excited because over Christmas I’m flying home to Germany to see my family and friends after one year of not seeing them. So, I am really happy to see them soon. But now back to the outfit 🙂
As you can see, today everything is about a grey knitted dress that has a loose turtleneck. I love this look because it is super easy combined with some black nylons and black boots but also looks elegant so I am ready for a nice dinner party after work or school. If it is really cold outside, I add a colored – for example a red Louis Vuitton scarf – to the outfit which gives it a nice touch. I chose my really cozy Polo Sylt knitted dress, Via Roma ankle boots and a leather bag by Burberry. If you wanna have nylons that last longer than a month I recommend Wolford tights. The quality of these is great and although they are a little more expensive than “normal” tights, it is totally worth it. Here I insert a link of the different tights they have and you can just see which ones you like best. I already have mine for over a year now and with a washing from time to time, plus treating them nicely they will last even longer. One of the most beloved pieces in my wardrobe is the Michael Kors coat. I bought it at an outlet in Hawaii. Yes, it sounds a little crazy to buy a coat in Hawaii but it was for sale and I just couldn’t resist. Since I bought it at an outlet, here is the link to a beautiful Michael jacket Kors you can get in the fall sale.
I hope you enjoyed this outfit and stay warm through the cold winter!


Ankle Boots VIA ROMA
Knitted Dress POLO SYLT

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[#9] Interior Things I can’t live without


Hi Loves,

this weeks Things-Post contains some new additions to my home I wanted to share with you. I’m happy with all of the things and really enjoy them so I hope you can get some inspiration.

Tablet Holder

tablet holder by IKEA; order here; similar here

The first item is probably my favorite, simply because of its convenience. I got it on a recent trip to Ikea and don’t want to miss it ever since. It’s perfect for cooking because you can watch movies on the side or of course have your recipe open while baking. Since I also study for university on my iPad I use it to read texts.


In the picture above you can see my cactus that I got a few weeks ago at a local garden store and since it’s still alive I would consider it a full success – you might have guessed that I’m not the best at keeping plants alive ;). I love the simple arrangement of it and hope it will make my window shelf beautiful for many more months to come #projectcactussurvival.

Copper Clock

copper clock; order here, similar here; or here  

As you might have found out in this blog post I have a slight obsession with copper and when I found this copper watch I was sooooo happy. It goes along perfectly with my other copper decoration.



My mom recently got me this amaryllis. Unfortunately it decided not to show it’s blossom until now but hopes are up ;). Yet another plant that has to survive.

bedside table



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[#8] Things…

… you need in Winter to feel Summer in your heart

Hey loves,

this “Things…” blog post is all about keeping summer also during the winter time. I already get the feeling that my Winter depression is slowly coming. So even though my birthday is in December and snow is something really wonderful, I still prefer summer and after a while I also don’t want to see the snow anymore. But since I live in Connecticut I have to deal with a pretty heavy winter so I decided to show you some things I like to use in the winter time that still remind me of summer and make me happy. Always remember, summer can also happen in your head 😉

I’ve got all the three things I am gonna show you from Hawai’i because as you know, Melly and I have a very special relationship to this beautiful place. For yourself, that works with everything that reminds you of summer and vacation. I chose some nice flowers that are actually hair clips and that are in two different colors – blue and rosé. Additionally, I picked a real Aloha bracelet in black and yellow and although it is a little big I love wearing it. The last thing is a really cool T-Shirt I got as a gift which I wear mostly underneath a blazer. I love mixing elegant and sporty clothes and will post a picture soon on Instagram to show you my combination.

So, have a great night and I hope you are enjoying this post and it brings a little bit of summer to you, as well.


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[#7] 10 Things to in Copenhagen – A Travel Diary

Danish flag

Hi Loves,

today’s things post is all about traveling and my recent trip to Copenhagen. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen that I spent some days in Copenhagen recently with some friends and it was just amazing. We visited some Danish friends there and had the loveliest time. It was so nice to see them again since we don’t have the chance to see them often.

I already posted on of my outfits that I wore in Copenhagen which you can see here. In this post I want to share some of the things we did in Copenhagen. 

1. Tivoli

Tivoli is one of the world’s most famous amusement parks and one of the most beautiful as well. Unfortunately it was closed when we were there but I’ve visited the park on my last trip to Copenhagen and absolutely loved it! 
Tivoli Entrance

2. Street food at Papirøen Island

On Papirøen Island is a huge market hall containing all different kinds of amazing food for every taste – from Pad Thai, Burgers, Vegetarian Falafel to amazing Cheese Cake. Sitting on the waterfront on a sunny day and enjoying amazing pastries – great way to spend your afternoon after strolling through Tivoli.

Papirøen Island

3. Explore Christiania

Though Christiana is located centrally in Copenhagen it lives on its own laws and even has its own currency. You can buy marijuana openly and therefore it’s not allowed to photograph at most parts of the little Hippie town. It’s definitely worth a visit and have some local beer 🙂

4. Have a break at on of the Cafes

Copenhagen offers a huge variety of little Cafés and Restaurants and the food is amazing!

Taking a break at one of the wine bars

5. Take a Walk from the little Mermaid to Amalienborg

Taking a walk to the little mermaid not only saves you a lot of money by not taking one of the tourist buses it also gives you the chance to walk along the pier and have some amazing views on the way. After posing with the little mermaid don’t forget to check out Kastellet Copenhagen which is very close and offers a lot of good photo opportunities 🙂

The little Mermaid


6. The Round Tower

Going up Round Tower doesn’t take long and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view overlooking Copenhagen and seeing the bridge that takes you to Sweden.

view from the Round Tower
Break on the way up

7.  Have some Wagamamas

Although this may seem a little weird for those of you from the UK but since I’m from Germany and there is no Wagamama anywhere in Germany I was very excited to try it – and I loved it. It’s located right outside Tivoli. 
Food at Wagamamas
my favorite  Edamame 🙂

8.  Rent an apartment on Airbnb

Scandinavian interior design is famous for it’s bright, individual and clean style. You’ll get the most authentic experience if you rent an apartment on Airbnb and there are some great offers for Copenhagen as well. We really enjoyed our stay at our apartment since it was located centrally and we had a really nice host. 

Our Airbnb Apartement

9. Nyhavn and Canal boat tour

Probably known as one of the most famous places in Copenhagen – Nyhavn. From Nyhavn a lot of boat tours departure. It’s a great way to get to know the city from a different perspective. It’s also quite cheap and a unique experience. 

10. Danish Pastries

One of the things you have to try while being in Denmark are Danish pastries. Believe me it’s so hard to decide what to get while you’re in a Danish bakery since you want to try it all. And maybe you have the chance to when you stay a little bit longer. 
Danish pastries

Hope you enjoyed this little Copenhagen guide. Have you ever been to this beautiful city?

Lots of love,


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