[#7] 10 Things to in Copenhagen – A Travel Diary

Danish flag

Hi Loves,

today’s things post is all about traveling and my recent trip to Copenhagen. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen that I spent some days in Copenhagen recently with some friends and it was just amazing. We visited some Danish friends there and had the loveliest time. It was so nice to see them again since we don’t have the chance to see them often.

I already posted on of my outfits that I wore in Copenhagen which you can see here. In this post I want to share some of the things we did in Copenhagen. 

1. Tivoli

Tivoli is one of the world’s most famous amusement parks and one of the most beautiful as well. Unfortunately it was closed when we were there but I’ve visited the park on my last trip to Copenhagen and absolutely loved it! 
Tivoli Entrance

2. Street food at Papirøen Island

On Papirøen Island is a huge market hall containing all different kinds of amazing food for every taste – from Pad Thai, Burgers, Vegetarian Falafel to amazing Cheese Cake. Sitting on the waterfront on a sunny day and enjoying amazing pastries – great way to spend your afternoon after strolling through Tivoli.

Papirøen Island

3. Explore Christiania

Though Christiana is located centrally in Copenhagen it lives on its own laws and even has its own currency. You can buy marijuana openly and therefore it’s not allowed to photograph at most parts of the little Hippie town. It’s definitely worth a visit and have some local beer 🙂

4. Have a break at on of the Cafes

Copenhagen offers a huge variety of little Cafés and Restaurants and the food is amazing!

Taking a break at one of the wine bars

5. Take a Walk from the little Mermaid to Amalienborg

Taking a walk to the little mermaid not only saves you a lot of money by not taking one of the tourist buses it also gives you the chance to walk along the pier and have some amazing views on the way. After posing with the little mermaid don’t forget to check out Kastellet Copenhagen which is very close and offers a lot of good photo opportunities 🙂

The little Mermaid


6. The Round Tower

Going up Round Tower doesn’t take long and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view overlooking Copenhagen and seeing the bridge that takes you to Sweden.

view from the Round Tower
Break on the way up

7.  Have some Wagamamas

Although this may seem a little weird for those of you from the UK but since I’m from Germany and there is no Wagamama anywhere in Germany I was very excited to try it – and I loved it. It’s located right outside Tivoli. 
Food at Wagamamas
my favorite  Edamame 🙂

8.  Rent an apartment on Airbnb

Scandinavian interior design is famous for it’s bright, individual and clean style. You’ll get the most authentic experience if you rent an apartment on Airbnb and there are some great offers for Copenhagen as well. We really enjoyed our stay at our apartment since it was located centrally and we had a really nice host. 

Our Airbnb Apartement

9. Nyhavn and Canal boat tour

Probably known as one of the most famous places in Copenhagen – Nyhavn. From Nyhavn a lot of boat tours departure. It’s a great way to get to know the city from a different perspective. It’s also quite cheap and a unique experience. 

10. Danish Pastries

One of the things you have to try while being in Denmark are Danish pastries. Believe me it’s so hard to decide what to get while you’re in a Danish bakery since you want to try it all. And maybe you have the chance to when you stay a little bit longer. 
Danish pastries

Hope you enjoyed this little Copenhagen guide. Have you ever been to this beautiful city?

Lots of love,


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