[#8] Things…

… you need in Winter to feel Summer in your heart

Hey loves,

this “Things…” blog post is all about keeping summer also during the winter time. I already get the feeling that my Winter depression is slowly coming. So even though my birthday is in December and snow is something really wonderful, I still prefer summer and after a while I also don’t want to see the snow anymore. But since I live in Connecticut I have to deal with a pretty heavy winter so I decided to show you some things I like to use in the winter time that still remind me of summer and make me happy. Always remember, summer can also happen in your head πŸ˜‰

I’ve got all the three things I am gonna show you from Hawai’i because as you know, Melly and I have a very special relationship to this beautiful place. For yourself, that works with everything that reminds you of summer and vacation. I chose some nice flowers that are actually hair clips and that are in two different colors – blue and rosΓ©. Additionally, I picked a real Aloha bracelet in black and yellow and although it is a little big I love wearing it. The last thing is a really cool T-Shirt I got as a gift which I wear mostly underneath a blazer. I love mixing elegant and sporty clothes and will post a picture soon on Instagram to show you my combination.

So, have a great night and I hope you are enjoying this post and it brings a little bit of summer to you, as well.


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