[#9] Interior Things I can’t live without


Hi Loves,

this weeks Things-Post contains some new additions to my home I wanted to share with you. I’m happy with all of the things and really enjoy them so I hope you can get some inspiration.

Tablet Holder

tablet holder by IKEA; order here; similar here

The first item is probably my favorite, simply because of its convenience. I got it on a recent trip to Ikea and don’t want to miss it ever since. It’s perfect for cooking because you can watch movies on the side or of course have your recipe open while baking. Since I also study for university on my iPad I use it to read texts.


In the picture above you can see my cactus that I got a few weeks ago at a local garden store and since it’s still alive I would consider it a full success – you might have guessed that I’m not the best at keeping plants alive ;). I love the simple arrangement of it and hope it will make my window shelf beautiful for many more months to come #projectcactussurvival.

Copper Clock

copper clock; order here, similar here; or here  

As you might have found out in this blog post I have a slight obsession with copper and when I found this copper watch I was sooooo happy. It goes along perfectly with my other copper decoration.



My mom recently got me this amaryllis. Unfortunately it decided not to show it’s blossom until now but hopes are up ;). Yet another plant that has to survive.

bedside table



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