Let the Christmas Shopping Madness begin

Hi Loves, 
today it’s the first sunday in advent and Black Friday has passed so I guess it’s official – the christmas shopping madness begins. It means you basically can’t go into town on weekends because it’s just packed with people. It means you will probably spend a fortune – not only for gifts for others but also for yourself because once you’re in the shop – and when you get something for your loved ones you might as well get the lipstick for yourself since you know – you’re already there. It means getting stressed easily and being annoyed by others more quickly. 
But it also means hanging out with your friends for those shopping trips and of course it also means – Starbucks Christmas Cups. My personal favorite is the gringerbread latte. So yummy! And so it also means that the christmas baking can begin which i look so much forward to! 
The other day I went on a little shopping trip with a good friend of mine and it was absolutely lovely. We decided to avoid the main streets and focus more on the little streets around town center which was a great idea because when got onto the main street to got to a store there we regret it within minutes. And of course we spend a little money on ourselves – you’re kinda there anyways, right? 😉
Hope you’re having a great first of advent!
blouse – H&M
jeggings – Zara
Shoes – Deichmann
fluffy jacket – promod
bag – Tommy Hilfiger 
watch – Daniel Wellington

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