Reunion & Sweater Love

Hi Loves,

something exciting happened: Melanie and I finally saw each other for the first time since we have the blog together. We both couldn’t believe it either πŸ˜‰ Even though it was just for two days, we had a great time. We celebrated New Year’s Eve together in Munich with some friends and decided to do the photoshoot the next day. Yes – we know – normal people just relax on the first day of the year and don’t do anything but we just had to πŸ™‚ 
It felt like in Hawaii (just much colder) when hanging out together, drinking champagne to welcome the new year and dancing through the apartment. We were very happy that it was a house party because the city is always packed on New Year’s. 
We made some homemade pizza which was sooooo good. Normally, people in Germany do Raclette or Fondue for that night. I am not sure if people in other countries have heard of that but when doing Raclette you put some vegetables, a cooked a potato and whatever else fits in a very very small pan and into a Raclette oven that stands in the middle of the table. Fondue is more for the meat eaters, while the small Fondue meat you have on a Fondue fork is cooking in boiled water which is on the table as well, you can dip your baguette in crazy sauces like a cowberry or banana dip. Well, at least our family is so crazy to make these dips and I think for the next time, I would like to have this meal again. A friend also made some homemade “Feuerzangenbowle” which is a traditional German alcoholic drink where a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set on fire into mulled wine. A glas of that is totally enough, but it just tastes wonderful and so much like home. At 12 o’clock we all went outside to shoot our fireworks which surprisingly took almost an hour πŸ™‚ 
Do you have any traditions on New Years? 
After our photoshoot, Melly drove back home to enjoy some dinner with her family while me and my boyfriend were having a board game evening at our friend’s house. 
We decided to show you our favorite cozy sweaters. It was a super cold day and without our sweaters we probably would have frozen there. They are both in a grey color since it fits nicely to our dark hair and also a little oversized. I have to say, Melanie and me both love oversized shirts in general, especially when you combine it with some tight pants. That makes it look comfortable but also fashionable. 
A second part of the photoshoot is coming next week, so you can look forward to that!
Melanie and Juliana


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