15 Simple Tips to be more productive

Hello Loves,

last week I finished my exams for this semester which means that I only have to write a term paper and than I will have a few weeks off university. I’m really looking forward to this free time but in the past few weeks while studying I followed some tips to stay up on track with my tasks so I wrote down some tips for you 🙂

Productivity is something a lot of us struggle with nowadays because there is just so much distraction around with our Smartphone, E-mails and TVs. Although we all have different ways of working sometimes it’s following the little tips that can help us stay focused.

1. Declutter your work space

Mess creates stress – and a clean work space keeps you from distractions and helps you stay focused on what you’re doing right now.

2. Don’t check your Mails during your productive times

Check your Mails twice a day, once in the morning before you start working or studying and after lunch. That’s all the time you should spend on them in order to not be interrupted 

3. Shut off your phone

The same goes for your phone. Research shows that constantly checking your phone decreases your ability to focus on a task. So shut it off and put it out of sight – it won’t hurt, I promise 😉

4. Know yourself

Knowing when you can be productive is probably the most helpful thing. For me I’m always the most productive during late afternoon and in the evenings. For most people it’s early in the day though so knowing your productive time is very important. Use it!

5. Do not stress

It’s never worth it. Plus you’ll stay more focused if you don’t.

6. Take breaks seriously

Everyone knows that breaks are important. But don’t take breaks like watching TV or Youtube videos. You’ll get stuck and never get back to your task. Instead, try finishing some other tasks on your list like doing your laundry or cooking something healthy and treat yourself to a nice meal.

7. Make a plan

Whether you have to get ready for an exam or finish a work project or just try to get something important done – mapping it out and make a plan will help. 

8. Ask for help when needed

If you’re stuck don’t have a tough time with it and just ask for help. Some times it helps just to talk to a friend and explain the problem. While doing that you’ll come up with the solution yourself or you’ll get a different perspective from a friend which can help you during the problem solution process.
(Also googling helps a lot 😉 ) 

9. Make sure the outcome is worth the effort.

Putting things into perspective helps decreasing stress when you’re on a deadline. Ask yourself – Is all the effort worth the outcome? 

10. Hold yourself accountable.

Make yourself and your work accountable. Because nothing else is. 

11. Figure out your routine

Sticking to a routine can actually help you get things done. Whether it’s a set morning routine or exercise – routine will help you get the things done you wanna get done.

12. Drink water

A lot of it.

13. There is never a perfect time for anything.

Never. You might as well just do it now.

14. Not everything has to be perfect.

If you have problems with procrastination this one will be like a holy grail for you. If you postpone and postpone just realize that no one is perfect and neither has your essay have to be perfect.

15. Exercise

My favorite one? Dancing in front of the mirror like you’re Beyonce 😉 

Hope you find this tips helpful. If you have some of your own feel free to share them in the comments so we can help each other out 🙂

Lots of Love, 

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