Historical New York Experience – Where to stay in Greenwich Village

view from our hotel 

Hello loves,

I don’t know if you feel the same way but I am definitely ready for a vacation – and it is only February – to escape the normal every day life and also the cold, to be honest. Unfortunately unlike Melly, it will take a while until I can go on a big vacation since my graduation comes closer and closer. I really can’t believe that the time has come and it makes me excited, but also scares me a little bit. 
I’ve been studying for the last six years, it became a part of me – of course I did internships and some other part-time jobs- but entering the real working world is a little different. Maybe you have the same feeling when you are also graduating in May as I do. But I think the most important thing you can do is staying optimistic and just looking forward to finally earning money in a job you like to do for the rest of your career life. Yes, having a job for the next 40 years scares me as well, maybe this is why I needed some time before I started my major Communications to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. But now, I am very happy where I am and also sure that I want to do this for the next decades. So I just hope that the feeling of being scared disappears as soon as I start a new job.

But let’s talk about something different like vacation. As I said, the next vacation is months away but from time to time it is just nice to get out of town and have a nice trip with your best friend or beau. Last week, I escaped to New York City for a night to recharge my batteries, so I have full power to finish my master thesis. Most of the tourists like to stay in the typical districts of uptown, midtown or downtown right in the city center. But I wanted to experience another part of New York City. The historical, bohemian part is located in Greenwich Village. That made me choose a hotel right in the heart of the Village. I decided to book the Washington Square Hotel and loved staying there. 
The room was a little smaller – after all we’re in NYC, right? – but super cute and it has an amazing history. During my stay, I learned that celebrities such as Bob Dylan or Earnest Hemingway stayed there and it still represents the bohemian flair and charm. But the best part was that it was located right next to Washington Square Park and all the famous small jazz bars where memorable entertainers used to play at. It was definitely a great experience and I will stay there again on my next trip to New York since I still haven’t seen everything of Greenwich Village. Just strolling through streets, seeing all the buildings that belong to NYU and the sweet, little restaurants and cafés, as well as the super nice Washington Square Hotel makes me feel like I’m in a totally different world. It is nice to see all the skyscrapers and the typical attractions, but sometimes it is also lovely to see the original character of a city. So come to exciting and beautiful Greenwich Village to experience this special flair.

I hope that when you come to New York, you also can experience this side of the Big Apple because it is really worth taking a look or two.


At the bar of the Washington Square Hotel 
Cute hotel room
Intriguing Art

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Interior Inspiration: Bringing the Vacation to your home

Tropical Interior Decoration
all products found on HM.com 

Hi Loves,

it’s sunday and the weather has been grey and gloomy for weeks now. I don’t know about you but on those grey days wanderlust hits me hard and I’m about to just book a lastminute flight to somewhere tropical and sunny. 
Though I’m in the middle of planning my next trip – for now I just have to bring some tropical feeling home 🙂 While browsing some online shops on the weekend I came across the new H&M Tropicopop Interior Line and I fell in love with it. The pieces are so beautiful and available in different colors and of course I went for the gold option. Also since they are from H&M they are really affordable. It reminds me so much of the time when we lived in Hawaii and makes me feel a bit homesick to go back there.
What do think of the interior line? And most importantly – what do you do about the urge to just hop on the next plane? Tips of any kind are appreciated 🙂
Lots of love, 
some more tropical interior inspiration from the H&M Tropicpop line available at HM.com

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Business Casual & a Talk about Personal Style

Business Casual 

Glasses: Mango
Turtleneck sweater: Hallhuber
Bag: Hallhuber:
White shirt: vintage
Pants: Hallhuber
Heels: Buffalo
Watch: Daniel Wellington

When you look through my former outfit posts like this one here or this one you may have figured out by now that my favorite color scheme is … monochrome. I just love the clean and minimalistic look of it and the fact that it’s suitable for every situation. And monochrome outfits always give me the chance to include my favorite color white (ok, I know it’s technically not a color but for me it definitely is ?). 

So for this post I put together this Business Casual outfit in my favorite colors. While you could easily wear this outfit to work I also love to wear it in my free time – I would just ditch the heels and go for a pair of Vans or Converse instead. A great brand for casual business outfits is Hallhuber, which is available at this Online Shop I recently discovered. The bag is definitely my favorite aspect about the outfit. Since it’s so classy and easy combinable it’s a versatile piece that will work with a lot of pieces from my wardrobe. The turtle neck sweater is very cozy and elegant at the same time. What do you think about this look?

I’ve loved monochrome and simple outfits for years now but always followed different trends along the way, simply because every one was. While it’s valued to have your own personal style one the one hand, every time we would go shopping my friends were like: “It looks good on you but you can’t buy another white shirt!” or “Don’t you already have something similar already?” So on the the other hand it doesn’t seem to be appreciated if you stick to identical themes in your wardrobe. But over the years I learned to overhear those doubts and buy the things I want to or at least I try to ;). At the end of the day I have to feel comfortable and self-confident in my own skin and outfit.

Do you have a favorite color that you always include in your outfits?

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Jewelry Love

Love for Jewelry

Hey loves,

I hope you are all fine. These past few weeks have been crazy after I came back from Germany. Being at home was a great time, I did so many things including going to Munich, Berlin, and Vienna. I have been in Berlin and Munich before, but Vienna was a totally new experience. It is a gorgeous city but it was so cold we couldn’t even stay outside longer than 15 minutes. So we kind of jumped from café to café, had the castle experience and saw where Kaiserin of Austria Sissi lived, and were grabbing some drinks in the evening. A little tip for you if you wanna stay in big cities: Airbnb is a great option. We stayed at a gorgeous, modern apartment very close to the city center. If you guys haven’t been in Vienna, I can recommend it for everyone.

While being in my hometown in the North of Bavaria, I also have been to my favorite jewelry store called Juwelier Kathrin Stahl. This is the jewelry store I’m always going to when I’m deciding to get another piece in my jewelry collection. The owner Kathrin always knows what I like most and has the best feeling and guidance to decide together with me what is best for the occasion but also what fits to me. Since I live in the United States, it is hard to go there in person but I got pretty stoked when I saw that the jewelry store also has an online shop where they can send the beautiful things I order to the States. Yes, I admit it, I really love jewelry and I can’t get enough of off it. In the picture I would like to show you some of the pieces I like, going from lower priced to higher priced jewelry.

So, I hope you enjoy the post and maybe will check out the online shop.

Lots of love,

Meeting the owner of the jewelry store Kathrin Stahl



Necklace AL CORO
Bracelets AL CORO

Bracelet holding in hand FOPE

Bracelet GUCCI
Bracelet AL CORO


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