Historical New York Experience – Where to stay in Greenwich Village

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Hello loves,

I don’t know if you feel the same way but I am definitely ready for a vacation – and it is only February – to escape the normal every day life and also the cold, to be honest. Unfortunately unlike Melly, it will take a while until I can go on a big vacation since my graduation comes closer and closer. I really can’t believe that the time has come and it makes me excited, but also scares me a little bit. 
I’ve been studying for the last six years, it became a part of me – of course I did internships and some other part-time jobs- but entering the real working world is a little different. Maybe you have the same feeling when you are also graduating in May as I do. But I think the most important thing you can do is staying optimistic and just looking forward to finally earning money in a job you like to do for the rest of your career life. Yes, having a job for the next 40 years scares me as well, maybe this is why I needed some time before I started my major Communications to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. But now, I am very happy where I am and also sure that I want to do this for the next decades. So I just hope that the feeling of being scared disappears as soon as I start a new job.

But let’s talk about something different like vacation. As I said, the next vacation is months away but from time to time it is just nice to get out of town and have a nice trip with your best friend or beau. Last week, I escaped to New York City for a night to recharge my batteries, so I have full power to finish my master thesis. Most of the tourists like to stay in the typical districts of uptown, midtown or downtown right in the city center. But I wanted to experience another part of New York City. The historical, bohemian part is located in Greenwich Village. That made me choose a hotel right in the heart of the Village. I decided to book the Washington Square Hotel and loved staying there. 
The room was a little smaller – after all we’re in NYC, right? – but super cute and it has an amazing history. During my stay, I learned that celebrities such as Bob Dylan or Earnest Hemingway stayed there and it still represents the bohemian flair and charm. But the best part was that it was located right next to Washington Square Park and all the famous small jazz bars where memorable entertainers used to play at. It was definitely a great experience and I will stay there again on my next trip to New York since I still haven’t seen everything of Greenwich Village. Just strolling through streets, seeing all the buildings that belong to NYU and the sweet, little restaurants and cafés, as well as the super nice Washington Square Hotel makes me feel like I’m in a totally different world. It is nice to see all the skyscrapers and the typical attractions, but sometimes it is also lovely to see the original character of a city. So come to exciting and beautiful Greenwich Village to experience this special flair.

I hope that when you come to New York, you also can experience this side of the Big Apple because it is really worth taking a look or two.


At the bar of the Washington Square Hotel 
Cute hotel room
Intriguing Art

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