5 Tips How to Prepare Best for the Weather in Canada

The weather in Canada can vary a lot but it is so beautiful and I am always happy to visit the marvelous country.

Last week I decided spontaneously to drive up to Canada to visit some family over there. We drove to Ottawa which is in Ontario and it took us about 7 hours to get there by car. After driving across the country last year, 6 hours sounded like an easy job. As we finally arrived the temperature dropped, in comparison to the comfortable weather in Connecticut. The weather in Canada can be very moody and weird. One day it was snowing and the next day, the sun appeared and I could walk around outside without a jacket – which was really giving me a mood flash! But I am a positive person and enjoyed the lovely last couple days. Ottawa itself is such a beautiful city – even though I only saw it a couple times. The city has stunning parliament buildings and architecture. Furthermore, it offers great shopping possibilities with a mall right in the city center. There are also some really cute restaurants and bars in downtown Ottawa to check out. Since the weather was a little strange the days I visited, I have put together a list of 5 tips on how to prepare best for the weather in Canada.

1. Don’t forget your Sunglasses!

I’ve learned from my mistakes… It was stormy outside so I said to myself: “Well, I definitely won’t need my sunglasses today”. That was a bad decision. Canada can surprise you with sunshine later that day. As you probably know, even snow is so bright that you need sunglasses to be able to see something.

2. Always bring a Jacket with you

Even when it is warm outside, be always prepared to have a jacket with you – a rain jacket would be very helpful, for instance. I am a person who freezes a lot so I brought my winter coat, especially after looking at the weather forecast. Be always prepared for rain, snow, or wind!

3. A Scarf is a Must-Have

Personally, I am a scarf-addict. I love scarves, I even buy them in summer. I know that sounds ridiculous but… well… we all have our quirks, right?! I think a scarf can highlight an outfit and also keeps you cozy.

4. Bring Waterproof and Warm Boots

When it snows or rains the worst thing to happen can be to get wet feet. It can make you feel uncomfortable or even worse, it can give you a cold. This is why it is always important to bring warm shoes like UGGs, EMUs or rain boots. Since it is already spring time I took some rain boots from Kate Spade I already talked about in the blog post “3 Newest Bargains in my Closet“. I like these boots very much because they are waterproof, warm and are red inside which is always an eye-catcher.

5. Keep your Positive Attitude

Yes, the weather can be a little depressing from time to time. That’s why you should always keep your optimistic and positive attitude and just enjoy your vacation. Relax, don’t think about work or school and explore the country!

I hope you liked the tips for a trip to Canada and have a great time whenever you visit this beautiful country. Enjoy your Sunday and I can’t wait to hear your opinions about this post and outfit.
















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