3 Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh with only 1 Day to spare

A couple weeks ago I went to Pittsburgh for a two-day trip. The drive from Connecticut took about 7 hours and I was really happy when we finally arrived in Pittsburgh.
Instead of taking a hotel, we tried Airbnb and again, it was a positive experience. The hosts were super friendly and welcomed us to their home. If you ever think of using Airbnb, I recommend taking a private room with a private bath. I personally am not a fan of sharing a bathroom with people I don’t know and this is the reason why I would always go for a private bathroom if offered. The house we stayed at was only 10 to 15 minutes away from Downtown Pittsburgh. However, it can be expensive to park your car in the city which makes an Uber drive a great alternative.
The following tips I picked are the best things to do in Pittsburgh with only 1 day to spare.
1. Go to the University of Pittsburgh 
Ever wondered if Harry Potter interior designs really exist in the United States? Well, you only have to visit the so called Cathedral of Learning that belongs to the University of Pittsburgh. As soon as one sets a foot into these halls, a different world has been entered. Also the campus that surrounds the Cathedral of Learning looks beautiful and invites for a nice walk in the spring and summer times.


Cathedral of Learning – University of Pittsburgh
3. Stroll through Point State Park
Near the center of Downtown Pittsburgh, you can walk to the Point State Park that gives you a great view of Pittsburgh’s skyline. You can hang your feet in the water of the fountain while enjoying the view. The grounds next to the fountain offer also enough space to just lay on a blanket while enjoying the sun and a good book.
3. Watch a Pirates Game
Watching a Pirates Game at night can be the perfect end of a beautiful day. Pittsburgh’s baseball team is located just across the bridge from the Downtown Center. Average seat tickets are easy to get and also not very expensive. Having the skyline of the city in the background while watching the game, eating hot dogs and drinking beer is an amazing feeling. (Please beer only for the ones who are over 21 years old).
Pittsburgh Pirates
Naturally, 24 hours is not much time to explore an entire city. There is more to see like the Andy Warhol Museum or the Phipps Conservatory. Even though the trip to Pittsburgh was very short, we definitely saw a lot of the city. It has a lovely charm, is crazy about sports and offers many tourist attractions. If you ever plan to visit Pittsburgh, these are just three of many many spots to see.
Have you ever been to Pittsburgh and know some insider places one should visit?
I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback about the post as well as the outfit I was wearing.

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