3 Tips To Stay Healthy during the Work Week

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Long time no see. We really have to apologize for not uploading a blog post in so long, it has been some very busy couple months and we are also working on a slightly new layout for the website.

Do you know this feeling when you come home from work and you are just so exhausted that all you can do is laying on the couch and watch some TV while falling asleep? That’s exactly what I felt these last months. Entering the serious professional job world is tough and it takes some time to get used to it and especially to stay healthy when everything is upside down. Therefore, I would like to give you some tips of how to stay fresh and fit every day.

1. Face Masks

Stress and a lack of sleep can have effects on your skin. That’s why I like to apply a face mask once or twice a week to cleanse my skin and give it a nice shimmer. In previous blog posts such as Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin or Skin Care Routine for Normal Skin  we already mentioned our most favorite facial products. It feels great to apply a mask after a hard week at work and gives your skin some relaxation and recovery time.

2. Beauty Sleep

Yes, sounds very much like Sleeping Beauty but getting enough sleep is an essential factor in order to stay “fresh” during the week. I’ve never been somebody who went to bed super early – especially after being a student for these past few years. However, I cannot ignore that I am not 16 anymore and definitely in need of more beauty sleep to stay healthy. Facing the truth here…

3. Healthier Diet

Drinking lots of water or substituting tea for coffee are only two tips I have gathered since I started working. The water helps me stay focused and hydrated while drinking tea helps to stay fit especially during the cold months. I also take some Biotin capsules every day that increase the health of my hair, nails and skin. Even breakfast, even if it is just a snack, helps to jumpstart your metabolism and makes you less hungry throughout the day.

I hope these three tips might help you to stay fit and healthy during the week so you can enjoy your weekend and then start off into another week full throttle.



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