End of Summer Style: White Jumpsuits

Today’s blog post is all about white jumpsuits. Even though the end of summer is coming closer, white is still one of my favorite summer colors.

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White is Hot

So now back to jumpsuits: It’s so sad because the end of summer is around the corner and we only have a couple more weeks before fall will arrive. That’s why we have to make it count and wear as many summer clothes as possible before we have to put them back into the closet and wait until next year. I combined my Stefanel jumpsuit with some statement jewelry and Valentino wedges.

Why White Jumpsuits are the best

White plus jumpsuit equals super hot! It only takes 2 minutes to get dressed and be ready for a shopping day or a cocktails night with the girls. You can either wear Espadrilles or sandals if you wanna keep it casual or high heels / wedges if you wanna spice it up a little.

When you love white just as I do, you can also see a previous blog post “2 Ways of Wearing White Dresses“.

I hope you are having some wonderful last summer days – time just passes way too quick.

Love,                                                                                                                                                             Juliana


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