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We decided to create this blog to share our love and passion for Fashion, Travel & Beauty with you. Since there is a big ocean between us, we wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit and tell you something about us.


Melly - Catwalk around the World

I’m a 23-year old student from the countryside in Germany. Growing up, the last thing I cared about was fashion. All I cared about was getting my hands (and clothes) dirty and to annoy my little brother 😉 But when those teenage years came up that changed completely. Now, instead of playing in the mud, you would find at several flea markets making horrible purchases which would later be combined into even more horrible outfits. Being from the countryside implies that there is not much appreciation for little Divas in fancy dresses. But as the years passed I discovered my addiction to handbags (nope, that can’t be cured, believe me) and how to combine the right outfits and so today I own a huge closet stuffed with treasures from all over the world.


Juli - Catwalk around the World


I’m 26 years old and originally from Bavaria in Germany but currently live close to New York City. I figured out my love for fashion when I was about 4 years old. Back then I combined a pink shirt with purple pants and topped it with an orange jacket. A lot of people might think: Oh my god, that is awful! And yes, it probably looked awful, but hey, I was 4 years old and at least I was very brave wearing this in public 😉 When time passed by, I knew how to combine the right clothes and knew exactly what I liked and what I don’t. My favorite designer is Michael Kors, especially the beautiful long dresses he creates. You can always be sure that these dresses cause attention wherever you are.

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Catwalk around the World

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